The Bathroom Mirror Progress List

I’m not really a bathroom mirror writer. But I have friends who are… And they make it look like a good idea. So back in May, I got out my sharpie! It was more fake it til you make it than anything else.

This is my bathroom mirror.

This is what starting running looks like when you’re overweight and coming off of 10yrs of arthritis induced inactivity.

5/5 Vivian said ‘you’re running my next half with me‘ and I thought ‘what if I could?’ – a crazy goal and a vote of confidence, and just like that a dream was born πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

5/17 first ‘run’, 1.3 mi, 23m/m, 98% walk – this was my first attempt at day 1 of #C25K and slower than my unhurried walking pace. Yikes.

6/17 day 1 #C25K complete – it took me a month of ‘attempts’ to get through day 1. Brutal! Many of these I’m not so proud of now, but I was when I wrote them down. They are ALL accomplishment. They are ALL the foundation that my journey, whatever that ends up looking like, is built on.

7/7 first 17m/m splits – so much work to do πŸ˜•

7/11 ran 5 mins straight

8/15 ran 20 mins straight – when this came up in the program I didn’t think I could do it… I did.

8/20 first 15m/m splits

10/16 first 14m/m splits

11/23 first official 5k – Turkey Trot!

1/29 first 6 mile run – this one messed with my head, I was so glad to have done it… Matt stalked me and followed me around with my sharpie until it went on the mirror.

Oddly enough, or not, as the numbers are getting bigger and better they seem less and less worthy of mirror space.

I find myself saving that space for runs that make my soul sing…..through canyons (check), on sandy beaches, under the redwoods, or through falling autumn leaves in Vermont. I can’t wait to add those to my mirror! ❀

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