The hard 6 miles

My very first 6 mile run, done.


I may have cried real tears of joy.

When I graduated c25k back in October, I started following a half marathon training schedule to help me keep progressing.

The first several weeks were fine until I got to the 6 mile run. It was just not happening for me. Not matter how hard I tried.

First, it got super cold.

Then, holidays.


And the time I spent wallowing in my inadequacy.

And, lets be honest, hitting the previous longest distance of 5 miles totally got in my head. When I began running, I could only run in 15 sec spurts, I was sure I’d never be able to run 5 miles.

But anything beyond that. Definitely impossible. And I was holding tight to that belief.

I was just stuck. Repeating that same week of training for weeks, and weeks, and weeks.

Finally, I told myself I’ve had enough. Actually the conversation went a little more like this ‘it’s time to stop effing around, Jagmin. This is your night.’ (I do call myself Jagmin when I’m being stern with myself 😂)

I repeated that to myself every time I wanted to stop. And when that wasn’t working anymore I told myself I was going to ‘train the self doubt out of me’.

That’s good stuff, right?

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