Our Summer Frog

When Matt, Abby, and I started nightly running at the track over the summer we noticed the same frog out every night.

I’m not normally a fan of doing the same thing over and over….

But I did get to work on my observation skills with our regular run.

I watched the constellations gradually move across the night sky…. Noting their shifting positions as spring became summer, and summer became fall.

And. I observed this frog grow 😂


He was smart (as you can see). He knew if he hung out under the lamppost crickets would jump across the sidewalk and he’d get to eat until he was stuffed.


We watched him change (grow. get fat. lol) week after week.

He was tiny the first time I saw him. I noticed he was growing so fast (from all the crickets 😂) so I started taking pics of him.


This was a highlight of summer running. As lame as that sounds. It was so hot and muggy, there wasn’t much else to look forward to.


Look how huge he got in the 2 months between the first and last pic!


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