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Being somewhat creative minded, I’m inspired all the time to try something new, push the boundaries, to better myself and my craft, to step outside my comfort zone.  I’ve decided to share what inspires me from time to time.  This first one inspires me not only as an artist, but also as a human, as an American, as a wife and mommy.   Check them out!



Operation: Love Reunited is a group of photographers who have banned together to offer portrait sessions, free of charge, to deployed, deploying, or returning military and their families.

When you are away from your family or have lost a loved one, that photo becomes a most treasured possession.  I can imagine the difficulty our military families face every day.  My heart really goes out to them, that’s why I am an OpLove photographer.

This organization really inspires – what they do is awesome.  To give freely something so valued, just as our military families do for us every day.

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