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I’ve been browsing the internet lately for anything that will be helpful in our homeshcool journey – and what a journey it is!  Did I mention I think we are crazy?


Anyway, I remember several years ago I found a site from some frugality lady, that was about homeschooling and it had all kinds of free resources.  Basically the entire point of the site was to homeschool free.

But do you think I could possibly remember either one of those sites now?  Of course not.


Here google, google, google.  Here google.

So I search for free homeschool.  Nothing (well lots of somethings but not what I was looking for).

Hmm, didn’t it have something to do with hillbilly.  Hillbilly free homeschool.  Ahh, this may be something.

Hillbilly housewife.  Ding ding ding.  That sounds right.


So I’m looking around, but I can’t find anything about homeschooling.  Back to google.

Hillbilly housewife homeschool.  I think I found it.  Oh, page not found.


So after lots of searching, I finally found it –!  Apparently hillbilly housewife is no longer being run by the original owner of the site so the homeschooling resources have been removed, that’s why I couldn’t find the info on the hillbilly housewife site.


The site relies heavily on Project Gutenberg which has thousands of books free to download.  It has textbooks (many old, but still useful), novels, biographies, and much more.


I don’t think I could make an entire curriculum out of these materials because I lean strongly toward the school should be entertaining camp.  But there is certainly a lot of useful stuff on there.

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