Posts from the Old Blog: Girls Day Out!!

Occasionally, I like to take my daughter out on a Girls Day Out. It’s basically a day devoted to what ever she wants to do. As she gets older Girls Day Out includes less and less fun things like picking flowers, and more and more nonfun things like going to the mall. But she did say she wanted to bring along a couple cameras so we could include a quick photo trip. We were originally going to go to Bogle Park in Bentonville, AR, but the landscapers were out working and we didn’t want to get in the way. So we headed down to the Bentonville town square. I mostly followed her around helping her get the camera to do what she wanted it to do, while taking the occasional photo of her. As she was shooting the water in the fountain, I noticed this guy dart over for a quick drink. I got one shot at him and he was gone. Here is some of my little girl’s photography from the day:

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