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Matt and I just celebrated our 13th Christmas together. And in that 13 years, I’ve spent $5 on something that I hoped would provide a little family fun countless times. So many of those times I would have been just as well to throw that $5 down the drain…it seems my idea of fun and everybody else’s can differ quite a bit.

But every once in a while, by sheer accident I’m sure, I stumble across something that actually provides $5 worth of family fun, laughing, and togetherness. Score! And even more rare, sometimes we even find something that gives way more enjoyment than it actually costs.

You know, I really need to celebrate those moments to help make up for my never ending list of failures.Let the celebrating begin.

A few years back came up with this crazy idea that we should play board and card games as a family. Never mind that no one actually wanted to play those games. Shut up and smile, we’re having fun.

So I took a $5 chance on a little card game in a bright box. You know what really caught my eye? The box advertised it as being a game that could be played in 5 minutes. 5 minutes. Sweet!

OK, kids give me 5 minutes so that I can feel like we’ve done the right thing, then you can go back to cartoons.

The game is called Wigout, and as you can see we have almost completely worn it out. $5 well spent. The box is tattered, the cards are sticky and have worn edges just like good card games should. Surprisingly, we haven’t lost any cards.

This game is great for families with a lot of different ages, we have a toddler, a couple tweens, and a couple adults and we all enjoy playing. I highly recommend that you check it out.

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