Posts from the Old Blog: I’m Dreaming of a Light Christmas

We took time out of our busy schedule to take the kids to Silver Dollar City one last time this year. We probably won’t get season passes for a few more years, and they were dying to see the super awesome, 4+ million light Christmas lights display. It was now or never.

We’ve always wanted to put up a really nice Christmas lights display, but since we’re losers, we never seem to get it done. But next year we will, right? Sure we will…

I’m not really a fan of all the ready-made, store-bought displays, or yard ornaments, or whatever you want to call them.

You know the light up inflatable santas, wire reindeer, and pre-made light up trains.

No, I like the old school, make your own, everything’s unique displays. One of these days…

So, back to the trip. This was not too long after we got there –

And this was not too long before we left –


Long day. But fun.



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