Posts from the Old Blog: Make Your Own Car Shaped Crayons

My daughter wanted to make something for her brothers for Christmas, and after much searching and thinking she settled on the idea of making shaped crayons out of the broken ends and pieces that were otherwise destined for the garbage.

We just happened to have some car shaped jello molds. Both of my boys love cars so they seemed perfect. Besides, it’s not like anyone’s making jello in our house anyway.

Poor molds, they were overdue for some use.

So, we started with broken crayon bits of the same color. Then we had to take the paper off. After wasting way too much of my time peeling these off with fingernails, I wised up and began slicing the paper down the side with a box knife so that the paper would easily slip off. So much easier. Why do I always wait until I’m almost done with something to find a better way?

Then we put the crayons in a mug in the microwave to melt them down. We put them in as they were, but if we ever do this again I think I will chop them into smaller bits before going in to be melted. I dumped the leftover melted crayon into a paper cup. Oooo, pretty.

Once they cooled completely they easily popped out of the molds ready for the wild imaginations of my boys.

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