Posts from the Old Blog: Potty Training

Side Note: The pics got lost in the move from the old blog.  I know, I’m bummed, too!


One of the things that I had forgotten about having a toddler is that you always have company when going to the bathroom or taking a shower. Now I once again have a toddler to remind me of these things that I’d forgotten. Yesterday, was no exception. Once he realized I was in the shower he toddled to me, stripped off his clothes, opened the shower and joined me. But not only did I have an uninvited shower guest, but once the warm water hit him he then proceeded to pee on me!

I would act shocked and disgusted but, truth be told, that’s not the first time he’s peed on me. Not only that, but with the business that I’m in lots of other people’s babies have peed on me too. Oh yes, the untold stories of being a photographer!

Speaking of baby pee, we are potty training in the Jagmin house right now. I decided not to go the pull ups route, I’m from the camp that they cause confusion and prolong potty training because the child can’t feel the uncomfortable feeling that comes with wet pants as well. I would think that pull ups don’t feel much different than a diaper. At the same time, I didn’t want him peeing all over the place until he gets it under control.

So I got these: They feel much like undees, and they feel wet when they are wet. But they are covered in plastic so they don’t leak all over the place. To me it seems like the best of both worlds. My only complaint is that they are so high waisted, my kid does not wear his pants above his belly button! Hello!

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