Posts from the Old Blog: The System

Wow, how refreshing for someone to say “the system is flawed” rather than saying “lets throw more money at the system” or “lets make more rules for the system”.

We have a lot of reasons that we chose to homeschool. Some of the reasons are a big deal to us and some are just lifestyle preferences – like my preference to not wake up before the sun does, or my preference to be able to leave town at times other than the 2 hottest months of the year. But one reason is certainly that I feel that the public school system is not a kid friendly place to learn. It seems that millions of students are supposed to fit into one learning atmosphere. Like they are just shoving them into a mold – and the students who don’t fit are getting left behind. Are they being put into an atmosphere where they can thrive? Or being allowed to learn in the way in which they learn best? Unfortunately, no.

Most often they are labeled unmotivated, lazy, or worse, stupid. It’s really sad to think of the lost potential… I could go on, but it has already been said by people who are far better at putting thoughts into words than I am.

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