Posts from the Old Blog: Summertime Fun!

My big kids have spent the last few days with their cousins so the little one has had lots of mama and daddy time. He’s been lonely but he’s gotten spoiled too (as if he weren’t already) so it’s all good, right? I was a little uncomfy with my camera hovering just inches above a wet death, but hey, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do right! As part of that getting spoiled, he had just gotten these sunglasses a few hours before swimming and he was (and still is) in love with them. They go everywhere he goes, and he keeps them on for the most part. His older brother and sister liked the idea of having sunglasses but they didn’t really like the reality of it – they couldn’t keep them on. I’ve just got to say, as a proud parent and photographer, it’s every bit as cool as you’d think it would be to have tons if images like this of my kids!!

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