I was trying to be sentimental

It has taken me all these years to finally realize if he’s a sentimental guy, who loves sentimental things, who gives sentimental gifts to others maybe he would love a sentimental gift.

That landed me squarely on Amazon hunting down a navy blue vellux blanket (90s throwback).

Just like the one we sat under, eating homemade pizza on the couch, a roaring fire in the wood stove, watching Friends and ER, every Thursday night, for the entire 98/99 winter.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate bringing blankets into our house, how we have a million of them already, how they have all been gifted to us in some manner therefore are “precious”, that I hate, hate, hate all the blankets everywhere?  Have I mentioned that?  The last thing I’d ever want to spend good, hard earned money on is another blanket.

I reluctantly told my best friend I had an idea for Matt for Christmas.  And then I stopped. I didn’t want to say it out loud.

“yes?” she prodded.

“When we were dating we both had Thursdays off.  We would usually make dinner – usually homemade pizza – and watch TV.  Even though we had a fire going it would get so cold in that drafty little house, we’d pull the blanket off my bed and sit under it on the couch.  It was this awful, fuzzy navy blue vellux blanket.”  She was so excited about where this was going, I thought she was going to bounce right out of her seat.  “He loooooooved that blanket.  He’s mentioned it a thousand times.  I could find another blanket like that for him.”

“Yes!! Do it.  That is what you’re getting him for Christmas.  What’s it called?  I’m looking it up on Amazon right now.  I’ll send you a link!”

And just like that – I won gifting 😂❤

He has walked around all Linus-like, taking his blankey from room to room since he opened it! ❤

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