Posts from the Old Blog: Jagmin 365: 1-5-10

We’ve been stuck in the snow lately.  There’s not a ton here compared to those of you farther north.  But, because we don’t get that much snow (maybe 1 good snow a year) our road crews don’t seem to be all that worried about clearing it away.  So we’re stuck none the less.


The kids are back to school.  That’s what sucks about homeschooling.  All the other kids are getting snow days, but not them.  ha ha.  I just remind them that they got the entire month between Thanksgiving and Christmas off of school, so I don’t feel sorry for them.


So anyway,  back to my original point – other than school there’s not a lot going on around here.  We’ve been spending a lot of time outside, you know, sledding, playing in the snow, taking photos, and absorbing the beauty.  That’s why you keep getting snow photos.


I like the contrast of the beautiful sky and snow covered ground on this one.  Usually when we get snow dumped on us, the sky is gray for days.

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