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OK, you know what these are?  These are the candy canes that will make their way to the trash tomorrow if someone does not eat them today.

I have nothing against candy canes.  But *nobody* eats them.  Every Christmas we get a collection of these (we don’t buy them, BTW), they are lovely to look at, and then they sit around in the way before finally making their way to the trash cans.

Hey friends, family, all you loved ones:  I have an announcement!  We will no longer be collecting candy canes.  After much forethought and research, we have come to the conclusion that it no longer makes sense for our family to collect these colorful candy sticks.  We will now be collecting $100 bills.  You may express your holiday cheer by making a contribution to our $100 bill collection.  Thank You.



You know what I just thought of?  I must be a real loser to spend part of my day photographing tomorrow’s trash.  Not like my fabulous photographer friends who actually have something worthwhile to photograph.

In fact, the only thing worse than me wasting my time taking pictures of candy canes is you wasting your time reading about it.  lol  jk

I appreciate you taking the time to read about them.  In fact, I even arranged them to make a heart shape just for you (see I told you I was a loser.)  Well, it’s more of an upside down heart – give me a break I’m not a professional candy cane arranger.

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