Posts from the Old Blog: Valentine’s Day: Jagmin 365 2-14-10

Ahhh….it’s Valentine’s Day.  Everywhere you go you can smell the roses and chocolate in the air and feel the warmth radiating from Cupid’s arrows as they whiz by.


OK, reality here.  Just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that the dishes don’t still pile up and the diapers don’t still need changing.  But my husband, who happens to be the sweetest guy on earth, makes each one great anyway.


He always loads me with way more chocolate and goodies than I need, but what I love the most is what he does for the kids.  Being homeschool kids they don’t really do the whole card trading thing like we did when we were kids, but they are almost as eager about valentines as they are Christmas!  And it’s because of him, because, let’s face it – I suck at it.


I buy something cheesy like canned cinnamon rolls with pink icing for valentines morning and think the kids will think it’s the greatest thing ever.  Then he swoops in with giant Hershey’s kisses and chocolate hearts, lovey teddy bears and mushy cards, cars for his boys and roses for his little girl, and candy galore for them.  He does this every year, makes my ideas look like a pile of poo.  But that’s OK, I’m far too busy gushing at the way he spoils them to pay any attention to the fact that he totally showed me up.


I’ve gotten to spend the last 11 Valentine’s Days with him and look forward to many more!

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