Posts from the Old Blog: Little Man, Big World: Jagmin 365 2-21-10

When I started this plan of a 365 daily blog, I really intended to do it everyday.  But, you know, sometimes we need to step away from the computer and plug into real life for a while.  That’s been the last few days for me.


I’m sure that most of the time it’s pretty good being a little man – being surrounded by all these servants that cater to your every whim.  You’re hungry.  Just demand a “bite”.  You want that new toy.  Just squeeze out a little tear.  You’re tired.  One of your servants will scoop you up, carry you off to bed, lay down with you and snuggle you until you are drifting off to dreamland.


But sometime it really stinks to be a little man in a big world.

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