Posts from the Old Blog: The Jagmin DIY Cinch Strap

Here’s the Jagmin DIY Velcro Cinch Strap.  Ok, so there’s not really a cinching action, but since that’s what most of these straps are called, that’s the name I gave mine.

OK, so first my little disclaimer.  I’m a bit embarrassed that my photos suck since this will mostly be read by other photographers.  But this was done in a hurry after a long day of work, after the last diaper was changed, after the kids were in bed, and I was exhausted.  So this is what you get.  Also, I know the haters are going to say “you can spend 3-grand on a camera, but not $20 on lighting accessories!?” Well, my answer, not that I need to answer it at all, is that a) I enjoy making things like this, and b) if I could have made my own D700 from a few items at the craft store for a tiny fraction of the cost of Nikon’s version I would have done that too!!


Other DIY items: bounce card, gel holder


The point:

This strap provides a nice, clean looking solution to attach light modifiers to your flash without having to adhere velcro directly to your flash.


The ingredients:

black craft foam

self stick velcro


black tape


The recipe:

I used black craft foam – it’s like $.35 a sheet.  Buy several while you are buying, you can use this to make all kinds of other modifiers – snoots, barndoors, etc.

I just cut it into long narrow strips.  As wide or just a bit wider than my velcro.  Long enough to generously wrap around my flash head.

Then I got out my handy-dandy velcro.

Apply the “hook” (rough) side down the entire length of the strap.  This is will be the outside of the strap – we don’t want the rough side of the velcro against the flash.  All your modifiers will use the soft side of the velcro to attach to the strap.

Flip the strap over and apply a few inches of the “loop” (soft) side on one end of strap.

I like to put a staple on the ends of the velcro just to make sure the velcro doesn’t try to separate from the foam.

On the end that has velcro on both sides I just staple the end.  I was a bit concerned that the staple would pull through foam on the end that only has velcro on one side.  So I put a small piece of black tape on the other side, hoping it would provide a little extra reinforcement.  I don’t really know that it’s necessary but I did it anyway.

So this is what it looks like finished.  Now you can attach all kinds of modifiers without having to put velcro directly on your flash!


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