Posts from the Old Blog: Tanyard Creek, Bella Vista, AR

We’ve really tried to structure our lifestyle so that we get to spend lots of time with the kids. Sometime I wonder if that was a good idea! Anyway, with homeschooling and living in a sleepy little town that officially closes down at 6pm we do try to take the kids out for some fun frequently. It’s usually not anything spectacular, just out. As long as they are seeing something new and getting some exercise it fits the bill. Well recently we took a little nature walk at nearby Tanyard Creek in Bella Vista. This means something was really, really funny. I wonder if this is how hiking with a 2 year old looks all over the country or if this is just how it looks here. So much energy!

We had to stop so he could run back and forth across this bridge several times. I didn’t mind though, by this point I needed a breather.

Are we raising a tree hugger?!

This is what we got when he was told it was time to leave the bridge, I think this is his way of saying we could take him if we could take the tree. I’ve been accused of giving the baby an unfair amount of air time here. I think it’s that he changes so fast, I feel like I have to try to capture as much of it as possible. Besides, he’s so stinkin’ cute!

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