Posts from the Old Blog: Pioneer Family: Jagmin 365 3-3-10

I know. I missed yesterday. Again.

But this time I have a good excuse reason. You see, we were in the middle of a typical evening. Sitting down relaxing a bit after a busy day. I was finishing up processing on the days photos as the kids were playing wii, and then off to the blog.

In and instant my house was black and silent. What the…

Why couldn’t the power go out when there was daylight! Our only light was my laptop screen, and it’s battery would only last about 10 mins, so we had to find more light quick. Not as easy as it seems.

See, when I need a flashlight I don’t go running to the flashlight storage center. My solution is to ask Matt for one. He is the keeper of the flashlights, I have other things to worry about. But he wasn’t home. And I have no idea where our flashlight storage center is. But I’m fairly certain that it’s out in Matt’s shop – not somewhere I was going to go in total darkness – after all, I don’t want junk like flashlights cluttering up the house.

Finally just in time, I found some candles and managed to get just a bit of light for us. We played “pioneer family” for about half an hour before our evening turned into this:

Matt got home, just as the marshmallow roasting began.

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