Posts from the Old Blog: But it’s on sale: Jagmin 365 3-1-10

I love a bargain!! But I also know that it’s stupid to spend money on stuff you don’t need or want just because it’s a good deal. A little over a week ago, one of my buddies on Flickr posted on his blog that he found a really good deal on a huge roll of HP paper.

We’re talking like 225’x5′ huge! And a $17.99 shipped, down from $390 kind of bargain. And to further add to the situation, there was only 1 roll left.

My first reaction was that it would be pretty cool to have, and it would make a great background for hi-key photography. But do I really need it? Not really. But I had been wanting to get some large paper so the kids can trace each other and draw themselves as an art project. Maybe I’ll just wait until Matt get’s home and ask him.

But there’s only one left, I can’t wait too long, surely we can get $17.99 worth of good out of it. Or I could turn around and sell it for $150 on ebay. So I got it. And now you know what the voices inside my head say when paper is on sale!

As soon as the paper arrived the kids harassed me until I opened it up and cut off a big piece for them to scribble on. This was my contribution to the community art piece, at the demands of my 2 year old – Bob and Larry.

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