Posts from the Old Blog: We All Need a Weekend Away Once in a While

We decided it was time for a weekend away, and last weekend was the last opportunity we had for a while so we jumped on it!

You know, when you’re self employed, it seems like you never really get to stop work – there is no going home at the end of the day and leaving everything to be someone else’s problem until you get back the next day.

Even when you try to turn work off for a while, it still seems to follow you around. It’s not so bad when you love what you do, but at the same time – we all need some family time once in a while. Of course, it followed me – I had just a little editing to finish up once we got to our hotel. Matt took the kids down to the swimming pool for a bit so I could get finished and ready for a little rr.

There are millions of things that I appreciate about that man, but not the be overlooked is the fact that he doesn’t get aggravated when I take work on a getaway with me and that he will take the kids out for a while so I can get it done. So, our oldest two scattered when they hit the pools, that left Matt with a 3 year old and a camera…

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