Posts from the Old Blog: Mmmmm… Local Grown Produce

Side note: Photos got lost when my old blog moved to the new website.

I’m 2 lbs away from my first mini goal! I’m so excited and frustrated at the same time. Excited that the the scale is finally moving in the right direction after so many years of it moving very much in the wrong direction. But frustrated that I’m so close and not quite there. Since I decided to go (mostly) paleo I’ve been feeling really good – strong, energetic, and healthy.

And I’ve been eating great too! Cute little BAT (bacon, avocado, tomato) lettuce boats! OMGosh, who gets that for diet food?! That would be me. Hot wings? Yep. Loaded salads and roast veggies, mmm. There have been a few time that I’ve felt limited in my food choices, but for the most part I have plenty of options.

I’ve been looking for a good way to get fresh local produce. We actually have a lot of farmer’s markets in the area, but, man, those guys get out there before the sun comes up. I’m a photographer – we sleep from about 3am – 11am. Everything is gone before I hop out of bed in the “morning”.

We’ll I finally found a great place. We drove by a farm with a produce stand that was open and stocked in the afternoon! Woo hoo. We got a huge bag of peaches, another of pears, another of apples, and a couple tomatoes. I wish they had more veggies, but maybe I should have hit them up in the springtime for that. Anyway – can you say delicious? Everything we bought tastes about 100x better than the grocery store versions.

I think we’ll be going back! Produce that’s not a disappointment is a necessity for a paleoish lifestyle. This photo was taken after our loot was hit pretty hard by my family and my BAT supper.


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