Posts from the Old Blog: Going Paleoish

I’ve been pretty frustrated with my progress lately. Initially, I had a pretty big swoosh of weight loss, but that has slowed to a crawl. I know that’s common and to be expected, but still.

Even though the scale has slowed, I’m still noticing a lot of changes in my body. So I guess maybe that can be called progress. This is probably totally TMI. But my belly used to feel kind of hard and firm, even though it was/is majorly fat, but now it feels really soft, gooshy, and kind of flabby. I can’t say I’m happy about a gooshy, flabby belly, but I’ve heard that it’s actually a good thing. That when you loose fat your body replaces it with water until your body is sure that it doesn’t really need it so that they cells aren’t constantly stretching and shrinking with fat coming and going.

Anyway, I don’t know the validity of that, I read it online – and you can believe everything you ready online, right? But there is definitely something going on. I started this whole journey with not only the goal of weight loss, but also reclaiming my health. You know, the whole sick and tired of feeling sick and tired thing. I know low carb is the best option for me for weight loss, but I wasn’t quite feeling the whole reclaiming my health aspect of it. Low carb junk food is still junk food, not that I was eating a lot of it mind you. That’s when I stumbled across Paleo.

I’m so in love with Paleo. I love the diet, I love the healthiness of it, I love the way I feel eating that way. I really feel like I’m reclaiming my health now. I’ve only lost about 9% of my body weight (and trust me, I need to loose a lot more) but I feel like I’ve lost a lot more. I feel energetic, I feel strong, and I feel capable.

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