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I finally met my first mini-goal. I say finally like it’s taken me years when in reality I’ve lost over 30 lbs in about 2 months! Not bad, right? It’s amazing how eager your body is to correct itself when you begin to feed it the food that it needs.

I would love to tell you the day that I met my goal but to be honest I don’t know. Because I rarely weigh.

I’m proud of that too, I’m no longer obsessed with the scale as a measure of my success. My goal has shifted from solely weight loss to regaining health. So I find myself measuring my success with how I feel and issues that get resolved rather than strictly the number on the scale. Reducing that number is definitely still important to me, but it’s not my driving force. It’s not something that I think of all the time. I’m not constantly weighing. I weigh a couple times a week, as opposed to a couple times a day, and I check up on how I feel daily. Now this journey is for health.

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