Posts from the Old Blog: Diet and Tummy

One of the things I love about getting back to a healthy eating plan, aka on a diet, is the effect on my stomach. Flat? No, I’m not there yet. One of these days.

You see I have this problem with sleeping and my stomach. As in I can’t lay on it. So I have to resort to lying on my side and allowing my stomach to curl up beside me like a dog. Cozy, you’d think. Just like a puppy I could pet it, scratch it, and throw my arm over it. We should be able to snuggle up together and drift off to dreamland, right? But it doesn’t really work that way because I want so badly to lay on my tummy. And well, it typically feels about as good as lying on your favorite 4 legged friend would. So after just a couple days of eating well I found that I could indeed lay on my tummy – and it felt soooo good. Even though I’ve lost “pounds”, I don’t think I’ve lost “weight” – so it must be water weight and bloating that was making me so uncomfortable. Regardless, I’ll take it.

yawn… Man, I’m tired. I think there is a very comfy nap in my future.

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