Needs. Wants. Values.

I recognize in myself a very strong reluctance to acknowledge my wants and needs. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me.

Part of how I love those I love is by knowing and looking after their wants and needs. I’m driven to it. I’m good at it. I’m wired for it. It’s how I’m me.

But I’m totally out of touch with my own.


And, more than anything, I want my people to be happy. So that often means…. Figuring out what they want and making it happen.

I need people in my life who ask me what I want. Who encourage me to know it. To state it.

It feels so unnatural. Actually, it’s not unnatural. I’m quite good at the big picture, abstract things I need. I just don’t know how to translate that to everyday.

This is what matters to me:

Time with my family – quality time with the people I love.

My health – quality fuel, being active.

Adventure – I need adventure. I need to do new, fun, and exciting things.

Beauty – I need a beautiful environment. I need art. I need to see the beauty in the world. I need long beautiful walks in nature and under the moon.

Momentum – I need to move forward. Always. In all things.

My voice – I need to speak and share my voice. I need to feel welcome to do so.

People – I need people who understand me. People who appreciate me. People who invest in me. Boundaried people who don’t take advantage of me, because if I love you I’ll let you. People who want to experience the world with me. People who make me better. People who choose me.

I need time – time to be alone. Time with people I love. Time to think.

Creative outlets – I need to be creative. It is not an option in my life.

I need limits – this one is so hard for me. I need limits in all things, because I value my other things.

But ask me what I want for dinner…. 🤷‍♀️

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