Posts from the Old Blog: Well, it finally happened

Gasp. *rush* *reach* Crash. Gasp.My favorite camera, with a great lens attached, was perched nicely on a tripod about 7 1/2 feet in the air ready for the perfect shot, and then in a flash it was on the ground – it appeared glass first.My initial thought – well there goes a lot of money! In a perfect world this is where I would tell you that I was using the lens hood and it fell right against the hood protecting the lense. Or that I was using a filter and yeah, the filter was shot but the lens was flawless.But, as you know, this isn’t a perfect world. It’s close though!The camera fell right on the rim of the lens by the glass. The rim was banged up, and the inset circle of plastic that trims out the glass was scuffed and bent but the glass was not scratched at all. It focuses great. My camera is scuffed a little. But everything appears to function properly. Yay.

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