Posts from the Old Blog: Stacks: Jagmin 365 1-17-10

I’m so excited about a shoot that I just did!  The problem is that I can’t seem to narrow down the keepers to a manageable amount.
So I got the bright idea that I should print them.  On paper, the really good ones will really stand out.  And the bad ones will too, in their own “special” way.  So this is what I got.


Ugh, this is going to be hard…

A side note:  My daughter lost a tooth today.  Every time one of the kids lose a tooth we are reminded of our “tooth story”.  A few years ago when our oldest was about 7 and our daughter was about 6 they were sharing a hot dog and they each had a loose tooth.  So my daughter bites into the hotdog, and complains that there is something hard in it.  So she pulls the bite out of her mouth and finds the offending invader.  I said “Look! Your tooth fell out”.

I looked into her mouth, her tooth was still there.  About that time our oldest complained that his tooth was missing!

He had lost it the bite before and then she bit into it!  Poor girl.  Yucky.

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