Posts from the Old Blog: Poor deprived baby

Most parents can’t get their kids to eat healthy.

“but Mom it’s green”  “I’m not eating that”  “It crunches when I chew it, yuk.”

I’ve got 1 like that.  I’ve also got one that’s kind of in the middle, you know, likes her junk food but likes a good variety of healty stuff too.


And then I’ve got the weird one.  You know, one who eats all kinds of stuff that kids aren’t supposed to eat.  He was once an 18 month old who walked around chopming on a whole cucumber almost everyday.  And who ate onions like they were apples.  Yum, Yum


People used to watch him, just a baby munchin on crunchy green stuff, and treat me like I was some kind of mean mommy not letting him have a few sweet treats.  Like I was depriving him.

Well, he’s 10 now and this is what’s left of his cantalope after a recent to a restaurant.  Apparently he still likes the healthy stuff.

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