Posts from the Old Blog: Nostalgia (is that spelled right)

So, Matt’s parents are still using some of the same Christmas decorations that they used when Matt was just a wee little one. Matt loves that, he’s immediately taken back to childhood memories of magical Christmasses before all the work and worry of being “real life” took some of the magic away.


Well, that got me thinking of how much I would love to relive Christmas at my grandma’s house.  She had a fresh cut cedar tree, with the *big* lights on it, and really old looking silk covered ornaments.  Let’s be honest, at the time all I could think of was it was all really outdated and seemed a bit cheesy.  But now, how I would love to be there again – and who cares about outdated anyway.


All that prompted me to take a few photographs of Christmas at Matt’s parents house:

As a side note, I used a velvia lightroom preset on these.  Does it work for you?

They’ve spent several years collecting houses, people, and trees for this mini village.  Every year the entertainment center gets turned into a wintery dreamland.

My favorite place to hang out with Matt:

So there may be a day that Matt’s parents don’t feel like doing much decorating for Christmas.  Or there may be a day that my kids are halfway across the country and won’t be able to visit their grandparents house.  I think I just might take a few of these photographs every year for them.  If they mean half as much as photos of my grandma’s Christmas would mean to me it’s time well spent.

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