Posts from the Old Blog: Jenks OK, Oklahoma Aquarium

So we had a bright idea, I use the term loosely.

The idea was instead of having a real vacation this year we stay home and go see some sights nearby.


Our theory was that, with a 19 month old, it would be eaiser to stay home than go away because little guys don’t seem to like to be away.  A baby standing at the door crying “out, out, out” over and over again wasn’t my idea of a vacation.


We had found out that the Oklahoma Aquarium was having a homeschool day during our week off so we decided that we’d add that to our schedule.

I really dig these rock looking fish.

And this sneaky little guy.

I don’t know what these are but we’ve dubbed them “cuddling starfish”.  Maybe they are fighting, maybe they hate each other, maybe they would be very offended to know we thought they were cuddling. (That’s Matt and I.)


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