Posts from the Old Blog: Jagmin 365: 1-3-10: Snow Day

We were supposed to have an “overnight dusting”.  Ha.  We woke up to several inches of snow.


It made for a very nice day of playing outside together and cozyin’ up in the house catching up on tasks that have fallen behind.

These first 4 were shot with my beloved Fuji S5 Pro, jpegs, with little or no post processing.  I love the creamy skintones this camera produces.  I usually shoot jpg and raw, just in case I find myself needing that extra data, but almost always the Fuji files are perfect straight out of the camera as jpgs.

This one does have a lightroom preset applied to give it a little extra punch and warmth.

These two are from my D700, which I love just as much, but for different reasons.  I rarely have files that I am excited about straight out of the camera.

These each had a quick run through lightroom.

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