Posts from the Old Blog: Hot Cocoa: Jagmin 365 1-20-10

These photos represent a few things that I love.


1) Hot Cocoa.  I’m not really a coffee drinker (although I do have a bit of fondness for mocha), so my hot drink of choice is usually hot cocoa.  I don’t drink it that often now, but I used to drink it a lot as a teen.  Now every time I drink it I guess it takes me back to when my biggest concern was getting my schoolwork done so I could go practice violin.  Good times.


2) Saving Money.  I don’t like dealing with major inconveniences or doing without my favorite things to save money.  But anytime I can save and it’s not really an inconvenience, hey, I’m all for it.  This cocoa mix, for example, was made by your’s truely for pennies.  It only took a couple minutes to make a really big batch.  It has a really good favor so it’s not like I’m having to settle for something that’s not as good.  And a flavor I can control, so if I want to cut the sugar and bump the chocolate I can!  So it’s not really inconveniencing me in any way, yet it costs a very tiny bit of what it would cost to go buy Nestle’s.  That’s the kind of money saving I like.


3) Playing with Lighting.  I am by no means a lighting expert, but I enjoy pretending!  On these I just used an off camera flash on each side (like 4:00 and 8:00) triggered optically by the onboard flash (which was turned down because I didn’t really want it’s light, I just wanted it to trigger the other lights).  So anyway, not the best shots in the world, and a bit hot, but, camera geek that I am, I had fun shooting them.

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