Posts from the Old Blog: Frozen: Jagmin 365 1-8-10

Starting my second week on the 365 blog.  Not bad for an introvert, huh!?


We are suffering the coldest winter here in Northwest Arkansas in 20 years!  And, I can attest, it is cold.  So today we had some nice pretty snowflakes falling and I told the kids I wanted to get some winter portraits of them while the snow was falling.  So when I get out of the shower you better be ready.

So we go out for a quick shoot, right after my shower, with my long towel dried hair, on the coldest day in 20 years – you see where this is going.  We were outside for just under 10 minutes, that’s it.  I kid you not my hair was frozen! Stiff.  Crunchy.  Hard. Brittle.  Icy frozen.


OK, so not my smartest move, I can admit that.


You know what I got for all my pain and misery?


I’ll show you.


I got:

Do we really have to do this?  It’s cold!

and Do I really have to hug her?

I think I’ll take a quick nap…

and the  Hold on, there is something I need to study for a minute on the ground next to you. I get that one a lot!

Not to be outdone, my son gave me the old This is my best smile.

and this is the face of someone who was just embarrassed by his mom, all in the name of good portraits of course!

And then, finally, we’ll try our best to cooperate if we can just hurry up and get this over with!

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