Posts from the Old Blog: Fresh Blueberries

We took the kids blueberry picking. They are SO good when you pick them fresh.

I always like to take the opportunity to let the kids see and experience where our food really comes from. You know, today’s kids, if it’s not in a box with a toy inside they don’t want it. And I’m all for anything that makes healthy eating seem like fun.

Eat they did. They should have weighed the kids before we got there and again when we were done and charged us for the difference.

We went to this farm in Gravette, Fisher’s Blueberries. You just follow the signs, pretty soon you’re surrounded by nature in all her glory and row after row of blueberries.

The whole trip didn’t seem like such a great idea when it came diaper time, though. ‘Nuff said, right?

Mmm, I love blueberries. And guns : )

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