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The kids got awarded belts in TKD today. I was a proud beaming mommy. I’ve been working with them and making them practice, and relearning things from my own childhood TKD experience.

I was nice to have my, er their, hard work pay off.

I was all ready for gym lighting with my 50mm 1.8 on my beloved Fuji S5 Pro to capture the entire evening. Unfortunately, Little Mister had other plans.

Apparently, an 17 month old is far to mature and independent to be expected to sit with mommy for nearly an hour. There is a big world out there that needs exploring, and loud noises that need inventing, and other peoples purse belongings that need rescuing.

And, well, who cares if mommy gets all the pictures she wants anyway. After all, she has thousands. What’s a few more, right?

One day he’s going to have his world turned upside down by having a Little Mister of his own. And his Little Mister is going to wait until the perfect moment. The moment that he has something really important to him that he wants to be able to concentrate on. Something that he may even want to photograph. And that’s when his Little Mister will decide it’s time to play “catch me if you can”, and “let’s sound like a tug boat”. And if he’s really lucky, his Little Mister may even play “you quietly tell me no, and I’ll scream like you are beating me within an inch of my life and every one will turn and look as us and it’ll be really funny.”

And in that moment he’s going to moan within himself “why meeeee”?

I’m going to let out a little chuckle, and say “IIIII know whyyyyy”

So this is all I managed to capture.

But considering that I had one hand to take photos with, and my eyes, legs, and other hand were all trying to corral my Little Mister they’re not too bad.

huh, that sounded like the glass in my coffee table just shattered into a million pieces….


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