Posts from the Old Blog: Chief Snowball Maker: Jagmin 365 2-4-10

So you see where this is headed?!

He thinks he’s master snow packer, chief snowball maker – and he does this!!  AND I HAVE PROOF!

All I have to say is someone’s sleeping on the couch.



Here are some more from our time playing with the kids.

I made the kids real, genuine snow cones for the first time ever.  I call it my good mommy deed of the day.  I figure if I do one thing that thrills them, I can ignore them the rest of the day and I still come out ahead.  Just kidding.  Really.  I promise.

We’ve had that sled for about 5 years, and almost never get to use it because we never get that much snow.  In fact most years it gets more use as a “pool” in the summer than it get snow time in the winter.

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