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This is my 10yo’s Lego airplane creation.  This is also his photography.


Not bad, huh?

This kid has been obsessed with Lego Indiana Jones sets for at least the last two years.


Mommy, this is SOOOO cool.  I really want this set. Plays with it for 2 days, and then on to the next.


Finally, I had to do something about it.


I always assumed that if my kids had to earn their money, they would learn the value of a dollar and learn to be careful of how they spent it.  That’s the theory we ran with.  They don’t get “allowance” they get “jobs” so they can learn to earn, just like in the real world.


But this kid, he just didn’t get it.  It didn’t matter how hard he had to work.  He’d spend, spend, spend with no thought as to the value he was getting.  It became a matter of the “getting” was more important than the toy itself.  I kept thinking that as the toys got more expensive the self restraint would show up.  But no.


I finally put my foot down and told him he wasn’t allowed to buy any more Lego sets, he had to make them with the legos that he already has.


He tried his best to convince me that it was impossible, that he didn’t have the pieces he needs.  But I was unwavering.  Well, you’ll just have to pretend.


When I finally had him convinced he went off to create.  This airplane is part of that.  And he’s proud, proud enough that he wanted to know if he could take some photos of it.  Absolutely, you can.


There’s no way I was going to deflate him now.  What cracks me up the most about this is that he has not put that airplane down in over a week.  Those expensive set’s only lasted about 2 days and then they were old news.

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