Posts from the Old Blog: 3-legged friends: Jagmin 365 1-22-10

I guess today is puppy day in the Jagmin house.


Matt shot this one earlier while on location.   As we arrived to our shoot, we were greeted by this 3-legged cutie.  She was so sweet, I felt so bad that she had to hobble around.  She immediately stole my heart.  Needless to say everywhere were shooting happened to be the very spot she needed to make a bed of.

So then later we got home and were excited to see that we had a visit from the UPS guy.  We immediately tore into the box containing 2 new flashes!  So we were snapping off a few shots to test their functions when we got these 2 photos.  This is our furry baby, Muddy.


Our son and daughter were about 4 and 5 when we got him, and they, of course, named him – because he looked muddy.  So cute.

You know what I love about these?  The little toes behind Muddy!


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