Posts from the Old Blog: 2 :Jagmin 365 2-9-10

It’s been another few days of long division and multiplication in the Jagmin house.  After finally closing the books each day my brain has been much more eager to just shut down and vegetate than write and take pictures.   The pressure of my little one’s approaching second birthday has forced me to sneak in a short impromptu photo session, though.


We began with the usual I’m getting out of here.

And the ol’ I’m going to be silly!

And then I actually looked at my photos to see how they were turning out and said what the heck was I thinking with the green chair as I looked on with disgust.  And quickly ditched it.

And actually managed to walk away from this 3 and a half minute session with a couple that I really like!

Happy Birthday, sweet pea.


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