Posts from the Old Blog: Purple Belt in Tae Kwon Do

Team Jagmin:

The kids just had a very rare opportunity in TaeKwonDo last week. It was time for belt testing and they were tested by Grandmaster Jack Hwang who is the founder of their martial arts affiliation and a very key player in bringing TaeKwonDo to the US. He’s the real deal.

They tested (and were awarded!) their purple belts, and let me tell you, they worked hard for that belt. Their main instructor decided to change affiliations due to a lack of integrity with the previous affiliation so they were given about 3 months to learn not only all their new material, but also to go back and relearn the IMF’s slightly different way of performing all the previous material. Whew.

It’s been exausting, but a little pressure is good every now and then right?

So, the grandmaster calls my kids up to test and in a very thick Korean accent says to my son (a little over a year older than my daughter) “Sheldon, why your sister taller than you…is it because she eat all your food”?

The whole room busts up laughing.

I don’t know about you, but that would have really thrown me off my game. But he seemed to just let it roll right off his back. He did really well. But it did seem like he had a little aggression in his eyes when it was board breaking time…

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