Posts from the Old Blog: Feeling Full

I’m sitting here stuffed after eating 1 hearty waffle, and I’m thinking to myself not too long ago I would have eaten 2 or 2 1/2 waffles easily, but there’s no way I’d stop at 1. Why is that?

Is it that once you go on a diet you magically get full faster?

I can’t help but believe that’s not the case. All of the people who won’t go on a diet because they don’t want to feel like they are starving all the time should be evidence that going on a diet does not magically make you full.

Is it that somehow our stomach shrinks and we don’t need as much to feel full?

I suspect that if I had been eating the same old white flour waffles that I was accustomed to I would have still eaten 2 or more today. Besides, if the stomach shrinking thing is true you’d think it would take longer than a week and a half for your stomach to shrink enough to be satisfied with half the volume, right? Otherwise, it seems that everybody would be super successful on diets because most all of us have enough will power to survive a couple weeks – and if our bodies adjusted so quickly there really wouldn’t be any reason for falling off the wagon, right? We’d just continue on eating and feeling satisfied with half.

Although I know that part of the reason is that we just get into a bad habit of eating too much, I suspect part of the reason that I filled up so quickly today is that my body knew it was getting food that was packed with nutrition instead of the over processed nutritionally void junk that most of us eat all the time. It is possible that we eat more today than in the past because our bodies are screaming for more nutrition and the nutritionless processed to oblivion stuff that we call food today? I think so.

Most everyone knows that to make flour “smooth and pretty” it is bleached, pulverized to death, and stripped of all it’s nutrition. And then, to try to make us feel better about eating it, they add a few vitamins back in. yipee…

I think we’d be surprised to find out that many, even seemingly simple unscrew-upable (yes, I totally made that up), foods are treated similarly. Even looking at fast food – it’s no secret that a fast food hamburger is twice as big today as it was 50 years ago. Why? Is it just that we’ve made pigs of ourselves? I can’t help but think those little burgers were way more nutritional and hearty than they are today. I could be wrong, this is really no more than my speculation.

But think about it, back in the day, they used real meat because even though they were toying with mechanically separated meats, it wasn’t found in near as many food as now. What is mechanically separated meat? Well, my limited understanding is that it’s made by taking the scraps that butchers previously had to pay to have taken and disposed of – tossing them in a machine that beats the meat away from the other tissue, soaking it in ammonia (or similar substance) to kill bacteria since this meat comes from areas most likely to have bacteria, then rinsing and adding coloring and seasoning back in to make it look and taste like meat again. Yummy.

And do we even need to address the bun?!

Isn’t is possible that, along with bad habits, we’re eating more because we’re looking for nutrition?

Anyway, back to today’s delightful waffle… replacing the over processed white flour completely void of nutrition was freshly ground almond flour – not over processed not stripped of nutrition.

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