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Hey guy’s! So, I did some research, and I learned a lot about business.

I actually read a book: Beyond the Lemonade Stand By Bill Rancic.

There’s a lot of ideas, and advice in that book, I recommend it!

Here’s a list of business ideas:

1)Pool Cleaner. I didn’t want to be a pool cleaner, because there are only a few months that you can do that.

2)HomeWork Helper. I didn’t want to be a homework helper, because I have to deal with my own homework, i don’t want to have to deal with anybodt elses.

3)Dog Washer. I don’t mind getting wet, or messy, but i don’t want to get bit, or scratched.

4)Technology Tutor. I didn’t want to be a tech tutor, because i’m not that good with technology.

5)Birthday Party Coordinator. I don’t have very many neighbors, because i live way out in the country.

6)Kid Coach. Again, I don’t have many neighbors.

7)Car Wash and Wax. Ehhhhh… I don’t like washing cars.

8)Gardener. I don’t mind gardening my garden, but i don’t think i want to garden somebody else’s.

9)Scrapbook Maker. I could do that, but i have to know somebody who would be willing to pay money for that.

10)Gift Wrapper. I like wrapping gifts, but like the pool cleaner, you can only do that around Christmas time.

11)House Checker. This is if Somebody goes on vacation, you can check on there house for them, but i don’t know anyone who would pay for that.

12)Dog Walker. I don’t like scooping poop.

13) Mom Helper. I could/would do that, because my aunt has three young children, but i don’t think she would pay me for that.

14)Garage Sale Holder. I don’t like organizing.

15)Website Developer. Again, I’m not that good with technology.

16)Garage Cleaner. Again, I don’t like organizing.

17)Snow Shoveler. I don’t like hard labor.

18)Lawn Mower. I don’t know how to use a lawn mower yet.

19)Fish Tank Cleaner. I don’t know where to find a fish tank.


So, that’s the end of the list. there are lots of ways to advertise, for example:  You can put flyers in grocery stores.  You can put it in the church bulletins.  You can use big, and colorful signs. You can put it in the newspaper.  You can make flyers.  There’s more that i learned.   As I was reading, I took notes on everything.

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