Posts from the Old Blog: Bookkeeping for Photographers – Video Tutorial

Side note:  The video got lost in the move from the old blog, it’s probably irrelevant now anyway! 😀

As photographers, as artists, most of us can pretty well sum up how we handle book and record keeping in 2 words – we suck.

It seems that whatever it is that pulls us so strongly and powerfully to artistic expression repels us just as powerfully from tedious, bland, numbers-work like bookkeeping. I’m certainly no exception. I can say with certainty that I hate bookkeeping, and with just as much certainty that I’m no good at it. But I’m trying…

I have decided this year, instead of throwing everything in a box or folder and trying to put it all together once or twice a year, I am going to do proper regular bookkeeping for my photography business with proper finance software. My other thoughts trailed somewhere along the lines of I wonder if there is an open source software like Quickbooks and I wonder if I should record what I learn so that other photographers can learn right along with me.

Lucky (or maybe not) for you the answer to both of those questions is yes. So join me on this journey and I hope you benefit from what I’ve learned.

But you have to understand I am not a bookkeeping expert so pardon the occasional misused term, neither am I an expert producer of video tutorials so pardon the all too frequent “umm”, and “and”, and so on. Here’s the first video:

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